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DIN A1, 594 × 841mm
Stober GmbH
ZANDERS medley pure,
110 g/sqm

Design front:
Design back:
Peter Brugger

Welcome to the education section of VolcanoType. Here you can download 4 full type families for free in a 6-months-cycle. Then we will offer another 4 full type families and so on. This offer is only valid for students. To make sure you are authorized, please use ONLY the email address given to you by your school (f.e. to send your request. After receiving your e-mail the address will be checked and we will then send you the fonts.

We would appreciate if you would send us your “fonts in use results” to present it on our website

Licensing Conditions


Important Notice

By placing an order, downloading a free font/education font or opening the sealed wrapping of a data carrier you accept the following conditions. The legal conditions for the use of the software used in a font are set up by the licensing conditions of the software producers. You accept these aforementioned licensing conditions expressly or conclusively 
by opening and installing a font before downloading a font from our website.

Downloadable Education Fonts are only valid for students. You can use them for personal use and for your study projects. Otherwise you need a licence for commercial use.

Licensing conditions for font software used in fonts of VolcanoType

(the products distributed under the brand “VolcanoType” are products of Slanted Publishers UG, Nebeniusstraße 10, 76137 Karlsruhe (referred to hereinafter as “Slanted”)

Grant of license
The font software is intellectual property of Slanted. The expression “font software” comprises any updates, upgrades, amendments, new versions and working copies of the font software being subject of these conditions. Data carriers containing the font software remain property of Slanted.
By paying all agreed upon due payments customer acquires a non-exclusive, only according to provision no. 1.3 of these conditions transferable license to use the font software on a hard disk or any other storage medium for not more than five computers. “Using the font software” is any permanent or temporary copying of the font software as a whole or in parts by storing, loading, playing or displaying for the purpose of executing the font software or processing of data contained in the font software by a computer. Customer is entitled to make a backup copy of the font software which may neither permanently nor temporarily be passed on to third parties.
In case the font software is to be used via a network you are entitled to use it on a single fileserver in order to be used in a “local area network” for solely one of the following purposes:
  • permanent installation on a hard disk or any other storage medium for the access of no more than four computers
  • use of the font software via the aforementioned network under the condition, that the number of computers on which the software is used does not extend five respectively that the number of simultaneously permitted users does not extend five.
You are also entitled to install the font software on a home computer or a portable computer. However, the font software may not be installed on two different hard disks and therefore not be used simultaneously on two computers by two different users except for the usage in the aforementioned “local area network”.

A simultaneous usage of the font software on more than five computers respectively by more than five simultaneously permitted users is only permitted in case of the purchase of a “multi-user-license” (subject to availability and extra charge, please refer to Slanted before placing an order).
A transfer of the license to third parties is only permitted under the following conditions:
  • the current version of these licensing conditions are entirely made part of the contract between you and the third party
  • by signing the contract with you the third party accepts these licensing conditions as binding. A copy of the entire contract between you and the third party will be sent to Slanted and
  • you do not retain a copy of the software and forbear any further usage of the software including any copies as a whole or in parts. By transferring the license your right of use is transfered to the third party. At the same time your right of use expires.
Solely for the purpose of editing individual specified data files you may pass a copy of the font software used for the construction of the respective data file to a commercial photographic shop or similar facility provided that this shop/facility has assured plausibly that it has acquired a license under the software in question in a proper way.
The integration of the font software in electronic documents or websites is permitted only if it is technically certified that no third party can use the font software for editing or creating new documents (read only file). It may also not be possible for third parties to extract the font software from such documents as a whole or in parts.
Exclusion of other use
It is – regardless of the provisions according to no. 1.3 and 1.4 of these conditions - expressly forbidden to sell, lend or pass on the font software to third parties in any other way or to grant sub-licenses.
It is – regardless of the provisions according to no. 2.3 and 2.4 of these conditions – also expressly forbidden
  • to modify or decompile the font software or to blend it with other software
  • to use modules for own developments or the technical solutions used in the font software for other purposes than running on your computer.
The aforementioned uses are only permitted as far as they are inevitable according to sec. 69e Urheberrechtsgesetz (German Copyright Act) in order to gain information for creating interoperability with other software and as far as these information is neither published nor accessable for the public in any other way and as far as you did not receive them from Slanted upon request. In this case you will inform Slanted immediately in writing about the parts of the font software decompiled by you.
Modifications of the font software are only permitted as far as it is necessary to meet your personal design requirements. The so created modifications are subject to the provisions of these licensing conditions in any respect.
Warranty and liability
We emphasize expressly that it is not possible to develop font software in a way that it runs flawless under all known conditions of use. The functional and performance details according to the product description effective at the date of conclusion of the contract count as agreed upon condition of the font software according to sec. 434 BGB (German Civil Code). Any additional usefulness for a specific purpose must be agreed upon expressly in written form. We disclaim any liability for any insignificantly lacking of usefulness for the agreed upon purpose.
Slanted warrants that the original programme is recorded properly on a certified data carrier. This shall not apply on pre-installed or downloaded font software.
The limitation period for all warranty claims runs from the date of delivery of the font software and ends six months after this point of time. In case of a subsequent performance the limitation period does not start anew. In case a defect indebted by us occurs during the limitation period affecting the software’s usefulness not only insignificantly Slanted shall remedy the defect immediately, no later than five working days after reception of a detailed error message and in view of our resources of men and material. We are only liable for reproducible software errors and under the condition that you send us a detailed and complete error message plus the delivery notes immediately after the fault’s detection, in case of an obvious fault not later than seven working days after its detection. The subsequent performance is carried out at our discretion either by subsequent improvement or by delivering a cost free substitute whereas we reserve the right to remedy the defect temporarily until the supply of this substitute. In case the substitute contains a wider scope of functions and performance then any liability in connection with these additional features is excluded. In case our subsequence performance fails two times you are entitled to cancel the contract.

In case of delivering a substitute or the rescission of the contract you will return to us at your own costs any data carrier within 14 days after rescinding from the contract or receiving the substitute. In case of the rescission of the contract you will also return any accompanying material handed out to you by us. Any backup copies are to be destroyed immediately after reception of the substitute or withdrawal from the contract. Furthermore any data referring to the font software have to be erased.
Any further liability for defects is excluded. Especially we disclaim any liability for a specific suitability of the software unless any suitability is agreed upon in written form. You are solely responsible for choice, installation and use of the software and any intended results. Furthermore we disclaim any liability for modified or edited versions of the font software unless you can prove that occuring defects are not caused by these modifications or editions.
Any claims for damages are excluded unless damages are caused by Slanted wilfully or grossly negligent. Especially Slanted is not liable for any indirect or subsequent damages such as stop of production or lost profit.
In case of delivering cost free software any liability is excluded.
In case of downloading font software Slanted disclaims any liability for transmitting errors, lacking or manipulated data.
The license granted according to no. 1 of these conditions expires in case of an infringement of these conditions automatically and immediately.
After termination of the contract you will return the font software including all copies, modifications and abstracts to Slanted at your own costs. If the return should prove to be technically impossible you will erase or destroy the data files.
You will make available the content of these conditions to all of your employees and other persons having access to the font software or copies thereof and safeguard that they act in accordance with these conditions.
The terms and conditions of Slanted concerning products distributed under the brand “VolcanoType” shall apply supplementary in case these licensing conditions do not contain conflicting or more specific provisions.

© Copyright VolcanoType 2014
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